The Grace Of Zen Garden

Set in its own garden oasis, Zen Garden is a place of antiques, fountains, serenity and great Pan Asian cuisine. As you enter the restaurant beneath its Japanese roof structure, the vibrant energy is felt all around.  The natural star attraction that is their lush green garden is an inviting place to have a quiet afternoon lunch. This is where they are known to host The Fashion High Tea event each year. The best thing about the area is that kids can run around freely and play under the sun.

The one thing that I loved about the restaurant is the planning of the entire area. From the orientation of the building to the location of the garden. All was planned with consideration of the flow of energy throughout the space.

I always look forward to learning something new with each place that I visit, and with Zen garden the design was based on Vashti. What is this you wonder? Well, let me share the great insight about this design element. Vashti this is with regard to the flow of spiritual energy throughout an area and is very common within the Indian culture which you also get to experience at Zen garden.

 Payal, the manager and also brains behind the design of the restaurant, informs me that the grounds was all at one level and they decided to excavate a large portion of it as they wanted to have the restaurant designed according to Vashti design element. “The north of any area in vashti should not be higher than the south” she says as she gives me insight on the design process of the restaurant. All the buildings were also constructed on one side which is the East end of the area. The name Zen was picked up from the vibrant energy that is represented throughout. The water fountain that has colorful koi fish swimming around is located on the north area as water also exudes its energy.


From the grandiose grey light fixtures with floral pattern

Nothing had prepared me for the beauty I was walking into at the restaurant. At the door we are warmly greeted by one of the hosts. My attention is immediately diverted to the outdoor seating area that is just breath taking. Dominantly eclectic and playful is the design of the area that of course has to have a touch of the japan theme incorporated. Every piece stands out and captures my eye. From the grandiose grey light fixtures with floral pattern ,that elegantly and yet dominantly dangle from the ceiling .Around the area stand lanterns that have been converted to light fixtures, providing the perfect mood lighting that is amazing in the evening and creates a great ambience for a relaxing dinner with good company.


The entire restaurant has different areas. From the outdoor, there is the private dining area where upon entry, the first thing I notice are three Japanese lanterns with bamboo ornaments placed on one side of the room. The predominant crimson walls serves as a great background making each feature in the room stand out. The slight texture of the wall gives it that extra visual twist that adds character to the room.

Well centralized in the space is a large mahogany communal table with a neat setting of ceramic white plates and vibrant red napkins. The table is surrounded by minimalist dining seats upholstered in gold fabric. Why the choice of colors? I wondered, and was informed that gold is considered to be the auspicious in Japanese culture and is the most precious metal and the red exudes vibrance and warmth, well representing the whole theme of Zen in the space.

Small statues of men playing instruments, Buddha sculptures and oriental bowls are well displayed on mahogany shelves around the room giving emphasis to the style of the restaurant. Attention to detail is evident in the space as the Japanese theme is depicted down to the print of the fabric on the off white


Right next door to the private dining room is the bamboo oriental restaurant. Grand in scale and minimalist in design, the space gives credit to the name given as bamboo has been generously and uniquely used in the area. Upon entry on the walls to the right, stand a cluster of bamboo sticks tied together giving the space visual texture and a touch of Asian style.

Bamboo has also been well used to create screens between tables. I especially loved how shapes have been playfully used in through the use of bamboo wall hangings, rectangular sisal pots, and also the large pendant lights that suspend from the ceiling. My favorite piece in this area was the head of Buddha that is placed on a table at the entry way. When I look at it I would smile because for a minute it looked like it was smiling back.

Another great thing about the oriental restaurant is that it also has a sushi bar where you will be amazed by the chef’s skills as he prepares your meal in front of you. Definitely something you should try out if you are a fan of sushi.


 We head further north to the next dining space which is also as well designed as the rest of the restaurant. Here, one can enjoy breakfast and the occasional coffee with friends at Jade coffee and tea house.

Here I am captivated by the furniture which is unique through design. The grains of the wood add a natural texture to it and the scale of it adds emphasis to the texture of the wood grain making it visually emphasized. On the walls hang pictures of red flowers once again representing vibrant energy in the space.

The wall bracket lights certainly could not go unnoticed as they are quite an eye pleaser. What makes them so interesting is that they are made from leaves. Another exciting aspect about the restaurant is how they serve their tea in Japanese tea pots, clearly embracing the culture down to the fine details in dining.

What took  two years to construct and a design conceptualization period of up to ten years, certainly came together well to form an environment where one can have a different dining experience. So the next time you think of having great Pan Asian cuisine, Zen garden is not too far away.

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