The Blu Experience

I have always loved to visit different restaurants and hotels in Nairobi and I decided to take a look at one of the places  that I think is a good place to have a bit of RnR time with some good food. Where is this you wonder??Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi of course.  They have other hotels in other countries like Rwanda (Kigali), South Africa, Addis Ababa, Nice, and also London but these are just some of the few countries as the list goes on and on.

 Entering the hotel, I am completely taken by the waterfall in the lobby which I am told signifies Nairobi known as the land of water. Above, stands three metal Maasai sculptures made by the infamous Frank Oduor known to have made several well-known sculptures in Nairobi one of them being the Dedan Kimathi sculpture.

Modern contemporary design is reshaped within the space, starting off from the reception area which is predominantly black with the pop of bold colored furniture and the intricate use of metallic on the abstract furniture that stands center stage in the reception. To create a break, the use of white is introduced through day light in the walls and ceiling which have geometric templates of flowers which were of course inspired by the flowers in the country. All this comes together to create a warm sense of arrival.

For the next few weeks I will be giving you what I like to call the Blu experience.

This week we start off with the first place that will warm up your appetite, excite your love for design and make you appreciate our rich Kenyan heritage.

Larder Restaurant

First off let me just say that for a seasoned designer such as Scandinavia based Christian Lundwall of Lundwall Architects, the brilliant brains behind the design of the hotel together with his design team, the design of a hotel such as this, offers the rare opportunity to prove that people can be enlightened, uplifted and comforted by good design’.


Larder is a place that I consider one of my favorites but who am I kidding, every single corner of the hotel just has me in awe. I especially like the hospitality of the staff who all smile and say hello to the guests.

Walking in I can’t help but fall in love with a wall graced with a collection of wooden cooking spoons creating quite an interesting and yet simple art piece. Ladder offers a buffet from which one can choose a wide selection of dishes that are well served on top of milk white granite tops that is contrasted with the simple use of stainless steel. Just above the serving area dangles metallic pendant lights which were purchased from Italy creating warm illumination on the food and making each dish look more inviting.

If you are more of an alfresco dinning kind of guy or girl like me, you will really love their set up

From simple starters to sweet and savory deserts, Ladder has an array of meals and my best part about this place is that the menu keeps changing each day. Yes!! they make sure that they give you a reason to keep coming back each day as they always have a new display of dishes for you to try and trust me it is worth every penny and still affordable.

Now the dining set up of this place is just divine, in one corner, the light wooden furniture which was also purchased in Italy blends with the darker wooden floor. The eye is drawn to a feature wall draped in a wall paper of a rhino, showing the appreciation for Kenyan wildlife. If you are more of an alfresco dinning kind of guy or girl like me, you will really love their set up which is exceptionally breathtaking in the evening as it has a great view of Nairobi city. So to all my fellow food loving, interior design obsessing comrades out there looking for a place to kick it with good company in an edgy environment with great hospitality and service, that will make you want to get a room at the end of the day and get another days experience, start off at Larder restaurant.

By the way, this is just the beginning as next week I will be telling you more of the Blu experience with another one of Radisson’s exceptional restaurants.


 Thanks for reading…….