Revitalize Wellness Center

For sometime now I have really been looking forward to having some downtime. A few options have crossed my mind but the one thing that I have thought about and haven’t done in quite sometime now is having a spa day.

It just so happens that I got to visit Revitalize Wellness Center and I must say, Light and lively energy is present through out the space from the moment the crisp clear glass doors open, you arrive at a light-flooded space and get a sense of departing the day’s chaos – an important characteristic, when it comes to a spa.

The objective was certainly met with the design of Revitalize, which was to create a calm and serene environment where anyone who visits may feel relaxed. At the center of the reception stands a small spherical water fountain that emanates a Zen aura throughout the space. The mosaic tiles that clad the fountain gives a slight golden shimmer to it and Just above it standing bright, is the representation of revitalize, its logo. A milk wave design that aptly embodies revitalize wellness center, a source of light and life and the heart of Mother Nature.

Speaking of, the spa’s colors are all derived from Mother Nature itself. The use of wood and beige through out the space is a true reflection of nature, which blends together with the use of curves and wavy lines through out to create a sense of movement and flow of energy.

“Inspired by the soul of the sun"

“The design took four months and it was all worth it “says Susan Rodrigues, the owner of Revitalize Wellness Center. Her expectations with the design of the space were met and even superseded as she gave the designer creative freedom to come up whit a place of relaxation for her clients.

“Inspired by the soul of the sun, Revitalize moves to combine an earthly floral essence with the gentle warmth of the celestial star. “ this essence of revitalize was well captured throughout the space with the use of natural light that boldly illuminates the beige and brown color schemes and accentuates the textures.

As I am shown through the spa, the materials, imparting what I like to call ‘visual quiet’, enhance a unified effect. All elements of light, color and texture fall well together creating harmony from the reception area, to the juice bar where they pride themselves in providing nothing but the best of all natural juices for their clients.

Through the corridor I am led into the massage room area, which is Susan’s favorite space to be. Why is this you wonder? Well to start off the proper ambiance is created by a warm light that sends your mind and soul into instant relaxation when you walk in. Serene music plays in the background and might I say it sets the perfect mood for the area and creates a feeling of high expectation for the massage session to come. A cluster of golden spheres dangle from the ceiling of the lounge area and the one detail that stands out is how the purple haze light reflects on the light fixture, giving the space that special touch.

All massage rooms have their own naturally inspired look and unique names

All massage rooms have their own naturally inspired look and unique names, which are; Serene Nature, Aqua Breeze, Burnt Sienna and Wild Savanna. With inspiration from nature, the walls are predominantly a combination of two shades of cream which capture the colors of the LED lights, with accents of brown through the furniture and the tiles that accentuate the bathroom, and is my personal favorite as it is designed to make one feel comfortable when getting ready after a long relaxing massage.

So if you have been looking for some long overdue relaxation after a hectic day, drop by Revitalize Wellness Center at Riverside Park and get to experience what they have to offer.