Living Industrial and Chic.

Lately I have been thinking of ways that I can change things up with designs and give my clients something different. I have never tried industrial design and old century DC style (During Christ; wondering what this is all about? Well you will understand soon). With a bit of designers curiosity to spice things up a bit, I went shopping for new décor items to incorporate to the home so as to get that industrial feel going. I visited the newly opened Nasimi Interiors on Mombasa road at plaza 2000 and the entire space is absolutely amazing.  The show room has a chic and earthy décor that is simple and yet stylish.

industrial design and old century DC style

If you are looking for a few ideas as to how you can change things up in your living room, Nasimi have a great variety of options. You can either go big by purchasing a new sofa set in an earthy linen brown color and yes the sofas are upholstered in actual authentic linen, the one thing I loved the most about it is the crinkled detailing of the linen that adds a rustic touch to the seats. This can go very well with the large pallet coffee tables painted in all black making things edgy and also incorporating a bit of industrial in the design.

 The vases are of a wide variety from large pieces that are made from raffia that would work beautifully as corner pieces for the home.

We definitely can’t stop there if we are going big when changing things up, the dining room can also get a bit of love. The right eight sitter dining table with a light brown unpolished top, can work perfectly and the best feature is that it is extendable. For the days you feel like having a dinner party, you can just stretch it out to seat more guests.

 The vases are of a wide variety from large pieces that are made from raffia that would work beautifully as corner pieces for the home. I was completely in love with the glass hurricane candle holders. The perfect piece to have in the house if you are a great fan of candle light evenings of Netflix and chill. I loved the vases that looked like old century oil jars. A great piece to add a sense of time to your space.

Form definitely meets function with the arrangement of the furniture and pairing of accessories. A great way of adding a bit of flair to your sofa is by using their unique assorted cushions. Pair this up with some African inspired pictures and you will not only have great details to your living room but spark more intrigue with great pictures on your wall.

The mock sitting space of the entire show room would make you want to purchase each arrangement as is. So if you are looking for a good dose of retail therapy, make your way to Nasimi Interiors. One thing I promise is that you will never be disappointed as they bring in new items, your interests will keep being sparked