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If you want a modern but simple touch, a pendant light can work well for you. This works well for a small home and open spaces. If your living room and dining room are in a common area, separate the two with a pendant light for the dining and a multi-layered pendant light for the living room. This helps create different layers in the living room and also gives the space a different ambiance. For that statement look, there is always the timeless chandelier. This adds elegance and also gives your space that wow effect. Chandeliers range from different sizes and it always depends with the size of your space.

If you want to create mood lighting, the trick is all in the type of bulb you use. To create a well-lit space, you can use a halogen day light bulb. Remember to use an energy saving bulb, we are all about saving energy of course. If you are a lover of soft, relaxing lighting in your home like me, the best option is to use warm light bulb. Now the one thing that I love the most is these great bulbs that create spiral lines when they are lit and some have a doodle effect. The devil is always in the details and this detail is a great add to a simple light piece.

If you want to create mood lighting, the trick is all in the type of bulb you use.

Another great way to play around with lights is by using wall brackets. Glow have these amazing wall brackets that are made of pure marble. It is simple but it still adds that splash of drama to a space with the texture of the marble. Now in the evening when you are in the mood to watch Scandal, you can switch off your main lights and leave your wall lights on. This sets a relaxed ambiance to the room and is also a great setting for date night with your man.  Wall brackets can also be used in the bath room or outside when you want a nice chilled out evening sipping wine with the girls.

If you have been wondering how to make things different with your home or want to change your bedroom, take a visit to Glow and they will help you select the best piece for your space. I walked in and was spoilt for choice. The great thing is that you don’t even get to break your bank. Unless you want to. If you want entire new look, it’s always great to consult a professional interior designer, they can always steer you in the right direction.

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My new obsession this week is on all things to do with light fixtures. So I decided to feed my little obsession with a visit to Glow Lighting at 9 West and I was like a kid at a candy store. Every light fixture is absolutely breath taking.  From pendant lights, floor lamps, bed side lamps and my absolute favorite, chandeliers. So I thought it would be fun to show you how to spice up your home with just the right amount of lighting. This can also work if you have just moved into your first little home. Who said small homes can’t be jazzed up a bit.

When it comes to light fixtures, you have a wide variety to pick from. Apart from natural light which I consider God’s gift to this earth and every home, which changes the look of your home during the day. Artificial light can also create mood lighting in your home in the evening, and of course who doesn’t like a statement light piece in the house.

 Paintings and sculptures in your home as decor is always great especially if you are an art lover like myself, but art can be expressed in many ways like with lights, you can make things simple and still stylish by picking out an attractive light fixture. Which can make a big difference to your space.