Chop House

So my visit to Radisson blue has left such a great impression that I wanted to tell you all more about what else they have to offer. I am a lover of a good steak and wine and at chop house, the chef certainly knows how to make it right.


First off even before I sat to take a look at their menu, the entire design of the space had me hooked. Elegance oozes throughout the space as the dark wooden floor matches well with the tables that are ready set with crystal clear wine glasses that stand next to rustic plates. The center pieces of wooden chopping boards with your usual salt and pepper is the signature touch to the table settings. The dominant dark color of chocolate brown blends with the charcoal black ceiling, which has interesting lighting with a floral outline similar to that in the reception area.

Kenyan culture has been infused into the modern design


My favorite thing about Chop house is how the Kenyan culture has been infused into the modern design of the restaurant .The decor is understated so that the art takes preference. Each piece invites closer inspection through the placement of elephant tusks that suspend from the ceiling and also stand at various corners of the restaurant. These are not real tusks of course, as the hotel seeks to preserve the wildlife in our country and promote what our country has to offer through artistic pieces displayed throughout the restaurant, like the golden leaves that hang on the walls.


I personally wouldn’t mind having one of those beautiful pieces in my house.

Like I said, everything about the space has me hooked and I especially love how the furniture throughout the restaurant has a light-on-its-feet aesthetic, with trim and elegant upholstery, and calm, understated colors, making it quintessentially modern. If it’s a business lunch, a simple lunch date or even a chilled evening out for the boys. Chop house is a place that all can visit and have a good time and trust that the staff will certainly take good care of you. So for good sea food and steak, chop house is definitely the place to visit.


Thanks for reading….